We have been supplying cut-to-size dimension and parquet strips to the European parquet and flooring industry for more than 30 years.

We are specialised in cut-to-size dimension for North American and European hardwoods. Our broad line of products includes oak, black walnut, black cherry, hard maple and ash as well as others. In addition, we offer other woods typically used for parquet floors such as merbau and doussie.

Other products used in the parquet industry such as sandwich (with the substructure of pre-glued top layers) can be realised.

We provide cut-to-size dimensions for the production of these floorings:

3-ply parquet “Landhausdielen” (LHD) and “Schiffsboden”

3-strip parquet (Schiffsboden)
Lengths             270-620 mm
Widths               70/77/80 mm
Thicknesses      26/30 mm

2-strip parquet (Schiffsboden)

Lengths             520-1220 mm
Widths               80/100 mm
Thicknesses      26/30 mm

3-ply parquet “Landhausdielen” (1-strip)

Lengths             520-3650 mm+
Widths               155/180/200/240/280/320 mm
Thicknesses      26/30 mm

2-ply parquet (1-strip)

Lengths             520/1220/1520 mm
Widths               77/110/135/170 mm
Thicknesses      26/30 mm

Solid Flooring/Solid Parquet (Strip Flooring)/Mosaic Parquet/Industrial Parquet

In addition, glued middle layers for the production of 3-ply LHD and 3-strip parquet – spruce or pine.

Sawn Veneer/Top Layers for Parquet/Lamellas

For the production of 3-ply “Landhausdielen” (LHD) and 2-ply parquet
Lengths             up to 5000 mm
Widths               70-350 mm
Thicknesses      from 2.5 mm

Sawn Veneer & Parquet Strips


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