For more than 135 years, Jacob Jürgensen Papier und Zellstoff GmbH offers competent service solutions to its partners in international paper trade. We are specialists in the marketing of printing and packaging papers and move more than 300,000 tonnes of paper products every year.

The majority of our suppliers are large independent companies that are managed by their owners. We have maintained close relations approaching friendship with many of these partners for years. Over the past decades we have built strong relationships to a great number of other suppliers worldwide.

Intense contact to customers and short communication channels are the factors for our success. Products and service solutions that satisfy our customers’ specific needs are created in close collaboration with our customers in trade and industry. We offer to our customers a high level of service quality featuring flexible logistics, storage, financing and insurance solutions.

Our primary sales markets are Europe, the eastern Mediterranean, Arabian countries, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Latin America.

Everyday life in Western countries has by no means become paperless, and people all around the world come into contact with an enormous diversity of paper products every day. No two markets are alike; each one requires customised product solutions, and global demand for paper products remains high.

Sales markets and demand-related behaviour are constantly changing and developing, requiring of us in turn that we constantly adapt our product portfolio and proactively anticipate the new markets. Our many years of experience, our flexible line of services and the expertise of our employees are the outstanding strengths we make available to our partners.

Our Product Groups

We have branded certain products with our own trademark JacuPaper, e.g.:
JacuBoard, JacuCoat, Jacu-Offset, Jacu LWC, Jacu-Ivory, JacuCream, Jacu Thermal, JacuCup.