Unusual circumstances, specialities or a question of weight – we can draw on our line of plywoods to offer you many different solutions comprising mouldings, bending plywoods or lightweight building boards. Moreover, we offer a broad line of plywoods made of birch or softwoods to meet specific needs.

The close and coordinated collaboration with our suppliers keeps us flexible and able to adapt at all times.

Albasia / Falcata (Albizzia Falcataria)

Our product line includes the ideal board for today’s requirements: our albasia plywoods from Indonesia.

  • FSC certified on request
  • FLEGT licensed
  • E1 certified
  • CE4 certified

Albasia plywood weighs only 320 kg/m³ – about 12% lighter than conventional poplar plywood, for which albasia plywood has proved to be an ideal substitute. We offer direct shipments, but we also have a stockpile in our warehouse in Antwerp.

Birch Plywood

The development of profound ties to Russia over the course of many years has created a far-reaching network of suppliers of birch plywood for us in this country. Our standard product is an all-rounder and superbly suited to the most widely diversified uses, from the building of high-quality furniture to simple packaging.

We offer direct consignments by lorry or container from our partners to your requested destination.

Standard dimensions

  • 250 x 125 / 244 x 122 / 152.5 x 152.5 cm
  • 4–40 mm
  • B/BB, S/BB, BB/BB, BB/CP, CP/C, C/C

Softwood Plywood

Quotations for software plywood will be prepared on request.

Bending Plywood

Whether for building furniture, trade fair stands or decorative uses – bending plywood is an outstanding solution for special formats. In collaboration with our European and Brazilian partners, we can offer you by the package exactly the quantity you require for your project, even on short notice.

Our bending plywood is always three-ply and as a rule (depending on origin) from Fromager.

Standard dimensions

  • 250 x 125 / 250 x 122 / 244 x 122 cm and vice-versa
  • 3/5/7/8/9/12 mm

Quarter/Half-rounded Plywood for edges and corners

Bent corner plywood is yet another speciality of our company. We can quickly adapt to meet your individual demands and are happy to offer solutions (quarter-circle profiles, semi-circle profiles, rounded plywoods and similar items) to you, beginning with single pieces.

The rounded plywood is based on okoumé or birch veneers that are pressed into the desired shape here in Europe. No matter what you are looking for – don’t hesitate to ask us. We will do our best to make your wishes come true!



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