Visiting company Lünewell in Lüneburg

Visiting company Lünewell in Lüneburg

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A report by our trainee Anna Richter

On Monday, November 11, 2019 we drove to the factory for corrugated cardboard Lünewell in Lüneburg.

As we arrived the purchasing manager Mr. Langhoff gave us a friendly welcome and started our tour with some background informations. The affiliated company Cartoflex has been processing corrugated cardboard into packing cartons for 35 years, since 2012 the newly founded company Lünewell is now producing corrugated cardboard itself.

After a short walk across the terrain, we enter the main building and are soon located in a huge hall, where you already recognize by the smell that paper is processed here.  Mr. Langhoff leads us further into the hall so that we are able to see the warehouse better.

In front of us, rows of sometimes bigger, thicker and thinner paper rolls are standing side by side. While Mr. Langhoff explains the structure and organization of the warehouse, you start to see the different rolls of kraft liner and test liner. The paper rolls of the qualities that are used more frequently stand closer to the machine so that they can be transported to the production the shortest way.

To save time and effort, the production and the warehouse are located in one hall. Mr. Langhoff explains to us that this has the benefit of the keeping the paper rolls close to the warmth of the machines, so they already have the ideal temperature and moisture for further processing. In this way, a standstill of the machines is preventable and the processed quality of the corrugated cardboard can be improved.

Additionally the paper rolls do not need to be transported to the machines from a distant warehouse, but can be carried by a forklift, which can take a roll from one of the around 7,5 m high stack of paper rolls and put it right beside the machines. To watch this process was very impressive.

Directly at the machine you can follow how the paper rolls are hung up and unrolled to get corrugated, glued and compressed to form one-sided, single-wave or two-wave corrugated cardboard.

Afterwards we could also follow the process of cutting the finished cardboard and stacking them; a very fast and mechanical process where workers only look over the quality once more before the goods are packed on pallets on their way to the next production stop.

300 m away from the corrugated cardboard machinery, the company Cartoflex is continuing to process the finished cardboard. Different stamping patterns and folding machines produce flexible and customer orientated solutions for every packing situation.

Visiting Lünewell was a very interesting day, which gave me as a trainee a good presentation of the goods and made me conscious about how much production stands behind a “simple” carton.

Secondly, you get to know different types of professions, which are not known to everybody and still deal with diversified and practical topics. These products you do not want to miss in your everyday-life: it does not matter if it is a simple but resilient removal box or a shipping box or an environmental friendly packing for food.