MOPO team relay and JJ summer get-together in Stadtpark

MOPO team relay and JJ summer get-together in Stadtpark

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A report by our trainee Anna Richter

The MOPO-Run is an event hosted by the Hamburger Morgen Post, a local newspaper in Hamburg. At this event, multiple teams of different companies from Hamburg are running a distance of about 5 km in the heart of the Stadtpark (our green lung).

This year, the event took place at the same time as our annual JJ summer get-together. Therefore every colleague was attending to support our teams “Treibholz” (driftwood) and “Flugblatt” (flyer).

While our runners put a lot of effort into their physical participation to run their best time, the others tried to put a lot of effort into the clearing of the barbeque buffet.

Fortunately, the weather played its part well on this day and the sun shined onto the company’s tent; only once a few clouds showed up with a little drizzle of rain. A perfect weather to go for a run!

We, as the new trainees in this company, tried to use this event to get to know our new colleagues better, outside the daily office-atmosphere – an amazing possibility to get even more comfortable in new surroundings.

Thank you all for the invitation and we are already looking forward to the next year when we are again cheering: