In Poland everything evolves around wood

In Poland everything evolves around wood

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Our young colleague Viktoria Diede has already got a lot of knowledge about the business and the wood products because of her daily tasks at work and the contacts to our business partners. Now, it was time to look behind the scenes.

Viktoria Diede, February 2019

Our Polish business partner offered me this great opportunity for learning by doing in Poland. For 2 weeks, I worked in a parquet production in Poland, where I gained practical experience and supported them in all areas and departments.

The factory manufactures 2-layer / 3-layer parquet, especially oak, in different variations, grades, surfaces and special treatments. From select to rustic, naturally oiled, varnished, in a myriad of colors up to smoked and hand-planed. There is a choice between countless surface structures. Yet, there are also other types of wood, like exotics, but above all, lots of walnut, hard maple or black cherry. Even beech can still be found.

I stayed in the beautiful city of Rzeszów, which is about an hour away from the sawmill.

My tasks had to do with all the wood material. I got an insight into the factory and all the departments, from the reception to purchase, sales, bookkeeping and the complete production. Above all, the direct contact with the products was enormously exciting and impressive from the processing of fresh lumber, drying, optimization, sorting, production of substructure and cover layers, to all the steps that belong to the ready-packed parquet.

I stood at different stages of the production, to get a better feeling for the special features of the processing of wood. I intensively supported the quality inspection, the sorting of lamellae and substructures, gluing, the oil belt and the final inspection.

In addition to the collegial contact to the people in production and administration I had the opportunity to be present at talks with customers as well as suppliers of paint / oil and wood. These personal contacts were especially a great experience and very beneficial to further cooperation.

In addition, I was able to enjoy the Polish culture by trying out the delicious Polish cuisine, exploring the beautiful cities of Rzeszów and Cracow over a weekend. I also visited “Wieliczka”, the salt mine, which is very impressive and worth seeing.

For me personally, the time was very educational and really interesting. To see and to get to know everything on the spot, to handle the products and to get a feeling for where the differences and the special features lie was extremely helpful. After all, as you know, ’hands-on’ is the best way to learn. In addition, I was able to experience and enjoy the culture, hospitality and warmth of Poland.