FSC<sup>TM</sup> and PEFC<sup>TM</sup> audits successfully passed

FSCTM and PEFCTM audits successfully passed

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JJ Wood:
FSCTM C124564
JJ Paper:
FSCTM C012891

Jacob Jürgensen is committed to an environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable forestry. As a result of a FSCTM or PEFCTM Chain of Custody certification, the path of the wood from the forest to the consumer can be traced throughout the entire production chain.

Jacob Jürgensen Wood GmbH passed the annual FSCTM / PEFCTM audit in February 2018. Jacob Jürgensen Papier und Zellstoff GmbH also passed its FSCTM / PEFCTM audit at the end of 2017 and a new audit is just around the corner.

Jacob Jürgensen fully supports the principle of sustainability and has been certified for many years. Likewise, all imported products sourced from outside the EU are inspected in accordance with the strict requirements of the EUTR and monitored by our own quality management.

Further information on Jacob Jürgensen and our corporate responsibility can be found at: https://www.juergensen.de/en/sustainability/


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