Coping with challenges during Corona

Coping with challenges during Corona

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on the world. Our work is also influenced in different ways. For the safety of all colleagues, business partners and customers, we of course adhere to the regulations of the government and the guidelines of the authorities.

The biggest challenge was the technical implementation so that employees can work from home. Luckily, our IT structure is technologically advanced enough to meet the requirements and additional notebooks were purchased in due time. Meanwhile, working from home has become an important part of our working environment. Calls are automatically forwarded to the colleagues at home. Since some work processes and tasks can be managed only from the office and not all employees work from home, we are on site, even if only in a small number.

Through our international relationships with partners all over the world, we follow current developments and support customers and suppliers as far as possible. Video conferences are now part of everyday life.

Supporting each other is of the utmost importance these days. Even the supposed small things count. The management of the Jacob Jürgensen Group supports the restaurant owners in the neighbourhood under the motto “SupportYourLocalGastro”: employees who do not work from home are invited to lunch once a week – mutually beneficial for both sides.

We are committed to limiting the proliferation of the virus and to protecting the people around us.

We wish everyone a lot of strength for the coming time!
Take care and stay safe!