Back in the saddle in 2019

Back in the saddle in 2019

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With a total of 10 people, the JJ team made its appearance at the starting line of the Hamburger Cyclassics 2019 and tried its best under perfect weather conditions on the 60 and 100 kilometers route. The mood was already at a high level before the start and found its climax in the following gathering with delicious food and plenty of cool drinks.

With a breathtaking atmosphere and plenty of motivating cheers from the crowd, many of the JJ team riders were able to set new personal bests – others were pleased with their debut at the Cyclassics and their place in the JJ team.

Outstanding and important to mention is the support of the team by current and former business partners/friends of the company such as Marcin Kowalski, who enjoyed the 100 km track.In the course of time, several partners of “Jacob Jürgensen” have been at the starting line in the name of the company. Rainer Pusswald (2013, ø km / h 40.83 / 160 km), Fabian Wendt (2019, ø km / h 37.15 / 60 km) and Matt Pryor (2007, ø km / h 40.39 / 160 km) for instance, were even able to achieve remarkable times.

In 2020 the JJ team will compete again – with at least the same number of riders and hopefully many guests – and ride through the streets of Hamburg.